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Through  Jake's energy audits he has helped connect Vermont homeowners with almost $500,000 in rebates and $281,000 in annual energy savings. 



Nancy K. - Rockingham VT

on Jun 7, 2018 

In the middle of Direct Energy's preparation for our blower-door test, we lost power in our area. Since the power company did not expect to restore power for another two hours, the rest of the work had to be re-scheduled. Jake was very gracious about this unfortunate event, especially knowing that it would mean another two hours' round-trip commute to complete the work! Thank you, Jake!

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The most frequently asked question from homeowners is where they compare to other home's in Vermont. Having an audit, will give you this answer. 

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Analyzing Energy works closely with homeowners to address their needs, develop cost effective home improvement plans, and process the jobs through the Efficiency Vermont program to obtain rebates and financing for clients. When you schedule an audit with Analyzing Energy, owner Jacob will be who comes to your home or business. 

Jacob Robichaud

*BPI Certified Building Analyst and Envelope Professional 

*Energy Excellence Network (EEN) member 

*Over 700 energy audits conducted

*Home performance contractor 



Targeted Air-Sealing

Air-sealing is targeting air penetrations in the building envelope. This will increase comfort and energy efficiency, while decreasing fuel bills. This is a unique opportunity for homeowners to tighten up their home and receive an energy audit at no out of pocket cost to them. 

Energy Assessment

An energy assessment is an evaluation of the home that includes; identifying areas of energy loss, areas with insufficient insulation, assessing health and safety, and recommending ways to save money. This option allows for connections to other Energy Excellence Network (EEN) contractors to help achieve any improvements that the homeowner may choose. 


This service provides do-it-yourself homeowners with a list of specific options on how to increase the efficiency (and value) of their home. By providing an audit, a homeowner who successfully upgrades their efficiency will receive state rebates of up to $2000. 

The New Home Owner

This service connects the new homeowner who plans on doing efficiency up-grades to state rebates. Before the new home owner does any weatherization work an energy audit is the first step to up to $2000 back from Efficiency Vermont. 

New Construction

This service provides a preliminary blower door test, a simple report on the findings, as well as a post test-out. With the blower door running we can find penetrations into the building not normally seen by the eye. The source of these air leaks varies; some may be caused by breaches in the building envelope. By using the ASHREA (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) we will see where the building stands before mechanical ventilation is needed. This is a great option for when architects require that the builder achieves a certain CFM number. 



By going with an independent auditor, you can be assured that the recommended work scope is not inflated or unnecessary.  


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